Oct 25, 2016

[Videos] 107 Facts About Voltron Legendary Defender

While I had a lukewarm reaction to the first season of Voltron: Legendary Defender, it wasn't a terrible show. A lot of folks remind me of the involvement of various alumni from the various Avatar animated shows, there's something about the series that just didn't quite draw me in.

But hey, it doesn't mean that I wouldn't be interested in hearing more about the show and learning more about how to be. Plus I've (obviously) become quite the sucker for these 107 fact videos by Channel Frederator.

But the jury's still out on this new series for me. And yet I'll probably take the time to watch the second season of this show when it comes around.

107 Voltron: Legendary Defender Facts (ToonedUp #195) | ChannelFrederator

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