Oct 4, 2016

[TV] Will & Grace Coming Back?

One of the lighter moments in the current US Presidential campaign was the surprise release of a Will & Grace webisode of sorts all about the 2016 US Elections. The episode in itself was hilarious and I think a lot of us felt that pang off longing to see this crazy crew on TV again.

But was that it? After so much social media hype building up to this release, it seems like a waste of good media mileage to leave things at that.

For one, they clearly had more footage than what was used to create the production. That last scene with Rosario felt like a longer bit that had been edited down. Sure they only had so much time, but they also put in the effort to write more content.

Then there's the fact that they recreated the set to a high degree of accuracy. It would have been simpler to stage the scene at a location not necessarily iconic to the show but already ready thus no need to stage. And this is more than just digging stuff out of storage. By now they would have needed to rebuild stuff.

At the very least it makes for a great test case to feel out potential audience reception before producers invest for the long haul.

Ultimately, this all hopeful speculation from another Will & Grace fan and I'm more than ready to support and sort of revival effort, even if only for some sort of a mini-series if a full broadcast season isn't feasible. We can hope, right?

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