Aug 11, 2016

[Transformers] Combiner Wars Episode 2 - The Council

Machinima's Transformers Combiner Wars continues on with its second episode, We finally get a closer look at the Council of Worlds, which in this incarnation consists of Starscream, Rodimus Prime (who still looks very Hot Rod and the Mistress of Flame. They continue to discuss how best to deal with the threat of the Combiners while another figure spies on them from the distance.

It's not the most exciting episode around and there's a lot of unnecessary establishing shots of Starscream flying about. But it is interesting to see how the Council is responding to things like the battle depicted in the first episode. I also wish they put more effort into syncing mouth animation with the words being said, but that may be expecting too much from a Machinima YouTube-only production.

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