Jul 28, 2016

[Videos] LEGO Dimensions Year 2 Trailer

So I realize that as much as I've come to love LEGO Dimensions, I haven't actually written much about the game on this blog for some reason. I guess I've been distracted with my review queue or something. But given my love for the various LEGO games, I think it should have been inevitable that I'd get into this series. I managed to resist the now defunct Disney Infinity but I couldn't stay away from this LEGO game.

For those unfamiliar, LEGO Dimensions is the latest of the physical toy + console game franchises to hit the market after the likes of Skylanders and Disney Infinity. The physical figures are of course LEGO minifigures and vehicles that correspond to what is brought into the game world via the LEGO toy pad. What is rather unique about the game is the sheer number of franchises that have been brought into the game which expands beyond the existing LEGO games released to the market. Thus far the game has involved characters from IP's like The Lord of the Rings, The Simpsons, The Wizard of Oz, and Jurassic Park.

The Year 2 trailer reveals the addition of a good  number of existing franchises like Adventure Time, Gremlins, Mission Impossible, and Goonies. At the same time we're finally getting a few existing LEGO properties to join in the fun such as the Harry Potter movies including a big game planned around the upcoming movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Another notable feature of the Year 2 update are Battle Arenas where players can go head-to-head with other LEGO Dimensions players. I expect a lot of play styles like capture the flag or convoluted mission objectives, which should all be a lot of fun.

I'll try to post reviews/discussions of the Year 1 content that has come out. I still have a lot of kits to open up for some fun times - provided I find time to actually play.

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