Jul 19, 2016

[Cartoons] Grand Admiral Thrawn Returns to the Star Wars Universe

The big geek new item from the weekend was the release of the first trailer for Star Wars: Rebels season 3 and the reveal that much beloved EU-now-Legends character Grand Admiral Thrawn was making his return to the Star Wars universe. I say "return" only because he was a solid part of the Star Wars Extended Universe until Disney acquired the Star Wars property and declared all EU material as a new alternate reality known as Legends stories. Given the Rebels cartoon is considered part of the new canon, this make Thrawn once again a canon character.

What is most notable about the Grand Admiral is how Timothy Zahn managed to depict him as a stunningly brilliant tactician the likes of which the known galaxy had never seen. He was a complex individual who would study everything about an enemy's culture in order to gain specific insights into how to defeat them. Thus he would often be depicted as studying artwork from various races in order to get into their heads. And more often than not, he'd be right and thus he would be able to orchestrate fantastic ambushes and attaches that seem almost miraculous.

I was definitely one of the guys screaming like nuts on Saturday when the news broke and I certainly welcome his return. I can't wait to see what beautiful yet terrifying strategies he'll arrange for the rebels. Even better, Timothy Zahn is also writing a new Thrawn book to further cement his position in the new canon.

If you haven't had a chance to watch the Season 3 trailer, you can view the official video below:

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