Jun 2, 2016

[Movies] Everything Wrong with Star Trek the Motion Picture (CinemaSins)

I'm a proud Trekkie but as much as I love the franchise, I'll be the first to recognize the little problems we've had here and there with silly writing, campy dialogue and special effects that just don't quite execute.

So I figured that it was only a matter of time before comedy channel CinemaSins would finally tackle the classic movies and have fun with them. And I do enjoy CinemaSins - it's not about nitpicking but more about a reminder that even the  best movies are never 100% perfect. But we see past those imperfections and focus on the positive cinematic experience as a whole.

So here we are with the CinemaSins' Everything Wrong with Star Trek: The Motion Picture!

But I'm sure every fan is waiting for what they're going to do once they get around to Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

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