Mar 22, 2016

[TV] Make Donald Drumpf Again!

So I'm trying something different with how I'm handling content here on the Geeky Guide. First I reduced post frequency to 3 times a week, but then that feels a little sad. So now I'm experimenting with simpler, quicker posts in-between lengthier ones to help me keep up post frequency while still not adding too much to my writing work load.

So this feels a little late, but I wanted to take time to re-share the video of John Oliver's Donald Trump take down on his show Last Week Tonight. It's brilliant and the sort of targeted, on-point journalism that's needed when it comes to discussing political candidates in any country. Plus the humor element really helps make the subject matter easier to digest for the average TV viewer.

So yeah, watch this video and see why we need to #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain

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