Feb 19, 2016

[Movies] Upcoming Movies I'm Not Excited About

Call me a little jaded, but just because I'm a geek doesn't mean I'm automatically excited about every movie that tries to target the geek demographic. A critical eye needs to be maintained after all and not every movie can pass muster.

So he's quick run down of a few movies tat haven't exactly gotten me all excited.

First on the list is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This feels like a weird effort to be "safe" before fully committing to a Justice League movie. It's shot with classsic Snyder dark tones with the bonus of misplaced moments of humor. And what is this Lex Luthor? What about his silly creation that looks like it's from a Michael Bay movie? Good grief!

Now it's not like video game movies are always successful, so I didn't exactly react with any feelings about this movie. And now that there's a trailer for the Warcraft movie...it just feels like a generic CGI fantasy movie. Maybe it's hard to convey the Warcraft experience in a short film trailer, but it just didn't quite carry all that well. Let's see what the future brings when the movie finally comes out.

The first trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie went all dark and dreary, which is consistent with the other DC movies we've seen. This latest trailer decide to go full Guardians of the Galaxy in terms of making things lighter, more comedic and strongly tied to nostalgia somehow. But this drastic shift in marketing tone feels more like desperation for me. Is this really a Suicide Squad movie or will it just become a Joker and Harley focused movie?

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