Dec 3, 2015

[Movies] Another Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer

So a new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live and it's certainly pretty intense. It's one of those close to 3 minute trailers that feature a fair amount of the plot in what seems to be a generally straightforward manner.

Hopeful Stuff: They definitely have a plan in terms of the story and it looks like a solid theory. The trailer stresses the differences in ideologies between the two heroes and how this might become a key driver for the two coming to blows. And it definitely looks like we're going to get a big drawn-out fight between the two, which is really what the fans want at this point.

Weird Stuff: So the scripting also involves key attempts at humor like how Lex appears to be speaking to the audience in terms of introducing the two. You see that weird humor again with the whole who was Wonder Woman supposed to be with moment that felt odd. And now we have a Doomsday-style scenario? Plus Batman holding a gun? What gives?

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