Nov 15, 2015

[Technicolor Musing] #HelloPoz Twitter Convo

The monthly LGBT Twitter conversations organized by @PinoyG4M, @MMPride_@FeistMagazine and @ShakiraSison continue to be an interesting venue for people to talk about topics of interest to the community. And last Thursday the discussion was centered around the hashtag #HelloPoz given it was all about getting to know more about what life is like for people living with HIV. The typical discussion tends to be pretty focused on HIV prevention and not so much what happens for those who have it. And thus this conversation felt pretty important for the community.

As before, the conversation was steered by a series of guide questions for those tuned into the hashtag. In addition, the guide questions were also presented in a way that those with HIV had something to address while those who still test as non-reactive (or haven't gotten tested) also had a variant of the question to think about.

So for those of you who didn't catch the Twitter convo last Thursday, here are the six guide questions for you to think about this afternoon.

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