Nov 8, 2015

[Pink Scene] Loco Over Retro Night at O Bar

O BAR is having another night dedicated to the joys of disco on November 20, 2016 starting at 09:00pm. Given the success of the first O'Coco Night back in September, the tables are going to part once more in order to create a grand dance space for those who still love to boogie and all that good stuff. It just goes to show how much O Bar tries to be a space open to everyone regardless of gender or even age. And that's just another thing that we love about O Bar.

The call time is pretty serious so it pays to go earlier than later. Expect the O Diva drag performances to start earlier as well so arriving after midnight just won't cut it! Take my advice - you're going to miss out on all the best stuff if you saunter in past 02:00am like you normally do.

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