Oct 18, 2015

[Technicolor Musings] #BatangBeki Convo for Spirit Day

In line with Spirit Day last Thursday, Shakira Sison hosted a Twitter conversation organized by PinoyG4M, Metro Manila Pride, and Feist Magazine. With the hashtag #BatangBeki, the goal of the conversation was to reach out to LGBTQI youth and discuss issues pertinent to growing up pink in the Philippines.

It is often mentioned that the Philippines is an LGBT-friendly country for the most part, but we know that in truth it is more about being tolerant and not necessarily friendly and supportive. And there's a lot of casual discrimination and bullying that still goes on, especially with LGBT youth. And so this was a great conversation to follow and even before a Storify summary can come out, I figured it might be of benefit to everyone to share the questions of the conversation and get you all thinking about it.

That last question is always the clincher.

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