Sep 27, 2015

[Technicolor Musings] Talking About Bisexuality

Last Sunday there was another Twitter conversation (or "convo") focused on another important topic related to the LGBT community - bisexuality. As much as most recognize what the "B" in "LGBT" stands for, there's still a lot more confusion related to this segment of the community and even more than a little internal discrimination as well. The topic was selected in line with Bisexual Awareness Week and was moderated by Shakira Sison.

The discussion itself is best experienced on Twitter by checking out the hashtag #BonggaKaBi and seeing all the back and forth conversations about different challenges faced by the bisexual community. But for today's thought piece, I thought it might help to re-share the questions for the night and get all of you to think about how you approach this part of the community or how you as a bisexual can handle things that come you way.

You can also follow the Twitter accounts of Shakira Sison, PinoyG4M, Metro Manila Pride, and Feist Magazine to stay up-to-date with future Twitter conversations of a pink nature whether you're a part of the community yourself or a strong supporter of LGBT rights.

Questions after the jump! Read on and reflect.

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