Sep 13, 2015

[Pink Scene] RIOT! Drag Show at TAB

Tobie and I have been visiting Singapore for years now and yet every time our trips are dominated by family, touristy stuff, and of course spending way to much money of geeky things. In all these trips, we've never really indulged in anything queer for one reason or another. This friend and that friend may have tried to invite us out to check out the local gay scene, but nothing really came of any of those invites.

For this trip I was surprised to hear from a long-term LJ friend who was happy to hear we were in town and immediately asked if we had plans for Saturday. Truth be told, this trip was totally devoid of scheduled activities, and so we found ourselves with free entrance to the RIOT! drag show at TAB over on Orchard Road. Many thanks to the darling Mona Kee Kee for getting us to see the show!

The event was hosted by the ever fabulous Becca D'Bus (it took me a while to get the pun for some reason), who was a lovely mix of classy, trashy and rather politically relevant. And given how the Singapore Elections had turned out last Friday, she certainly had a lot to say. But more importantly, she kept things quite funny, even though it feels like the Singapore LGBT rights movement still have a pretty steep mountain to climb given the results.

And I'd love to see some sort of an LGBT personality of this nature back in Manila. Some bright, colorful, larger than life figures who can take control of a stage and speak to our issues and our concerns while still keeping things entertaining and not necessarily insulting. And that takes experience, wits and savvy.

Regardless, it was nice to finally see what the queens are like on the island and I wonder if we could ever get the Oh Divas to pay a visit here =D

RIOT! drag show typically performs at TAB every second Saturday of the month, but be sure to check out their website to confirm actual schedules and to get tickets early at discounted rates.

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