Aug 9, 2015

[Technicolor Musings] About Pro-LGBT Candidates and the #BekiBoto

Last Friday there was a Twitter conversation for #BekiBoto - a discussion of the LGBT vote in the Philippines. There was a lot of focus on the recent KeriBeks event believed to be in support of Mar Roxas more than just being a supposed "LGBT national congress" or whatever, but naturally the conversation branched out into other directions.

A lot of the folks who participated in the conversation repeatedly talked about the need to support political candidates who had a track record of supporting gay rights or were genuine in their support of the LGBT community. But the bigger question remains - who are these candidates? Do we actually have any local politicians who do more than just pay shallow lip service to the community but actually work to implement laws that protect our rights? I honestly can't think of anyone.

So that's the big call to action here - let's try to identify those politicians that deserve the community's support. Let's get community to make itself felt by rallying behind such candidates once we've compiled a list. But first we have to find them. Or maybe members of the community need to stand up and become them?

What we really lack is major support from public figures like TV and movie celebrities or even current political candidates. We need people who will brave the religious backlash and make public declarations in support of LGBT rights. We need to find people like this and show our full support as a community.

So do you know anyone like this? Be sure to leave a comment so we can start to list them down! It doesn't matter if we're talking about local or national candidates - let's find our true supporters!

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