Jun 28, 2015

[Pink Scene] Why Marriage Equality in the US Matters to the Philippines

Friday's landmark US Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage across all 50 states is certainly a significant one, and LGBT rights advocates around the world are taking part in the celebrations for this momentous occasion.

Some have questioned why folks around here have been so vocal in celebrating the news. After all, this is only about rights being extended to US citizens and won't directly affect the Philippines. But while there are no direct effects, it's foolish to think that the US becoming the 21st country where same-sex marriage is legal is a purely domestic matter for the US.

The United States of America remains to be a true superpower in the modern world. It's a country with a lot of military power, yes, but it's also a country with significant political influence. The US is also known for standing up for human rights and nudging its allies to see things in a similar manner here and there.

Beyond their direct actions in the political arena, the US is still a country that many countries, including the Philippines, tend to look up to or aspire to be like to varying degrees. The US as country is quite the influence leader. And the US is often used as an example for what one can be or at least a model for how things might work.

So continue to wave your rainbow flags and change your profile images to rainbow-tinted bits of beauty. Celebrate the successes of LGBT advocates in the US and use their story as an inspiration for what we can hope for here.

We continue to fight for the love we deserve. In the end, love tends to win.

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