Feb 1, 2015

[Movies] Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! (2008)

So I wasn't a big fan of Another Gay Movie since it didn't feel like it really brought anything new to the table, even as a satire. It was following similar territory that heterosexual "satire" style movies had already covered and for some reason decided to stay in that shallow end of the pool.

But for one reason or another, I eventually watched the squel, aptly named Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! despite not liking the first movie. But hey, that's life for you. Sometimes you just don't have the strength to watch anything serious and so you end up killing time with this one.

The movie is probably only really notable because of the participation of Sean Paul Lockheart, better known as adult entertainment star Brent Corrigan. He really only has a role that can termed as a cameo, but this was back in the early days of his efforts to break into more serious acting outside of his adult entertainment work and so it oddly made waves. I was never into him all that much, so it actually didn't register for me the first time around.

Synopsis:  Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! is the 2008 sequel to the 2006 comedy Another Gay Movie. It was written and directed by Todd Stephens and saw a rather limited theatrical release.

So after a quick scene explaining why certain actors from the first movie didn't return for the second, we jump right back into the action. There's a supposed contest known as "Gays Gone Wild " which somehow involves gay guys trying to have more sex than everyone else during this spring break event. Stepping up to the plate are our sort of protagonists that play out certain stereotypes: the ever flamboyant Nico (Jonah Blechman), the typical nerd Griff (Aaron Michael Davies), the dorky Andy (Jake Mosser) and the jock type character Jarod (Jimmy Clabots).

So we first see that Jonah isn't doing to well in his efforts to rack up points while dorky Andy seems to be doing a lot better. Griff and Jarod are supposed to be a couple, but naturally they feel like joining the contest as well. Thus the bigger question for them is whether or not their relationship is generally ready for all this. There's a random sub-plot involving Perez Hilton suddenly turning all religious, but this is only a temporary quirk that gets resolved by the end of the movie. And Sean Paul Lockheart played a merman of sorts in a dream sequence. So there.

So this movie really gave up satirizing any other movie, gay or straight. The plot seems generally original, but just not very unimaginative. Go have sex! It's a contest! Modest relationship drama! Continue! It's not entirely bad - there are far worse movies out there, I'm sure. But then it just really wasn't much to talk about beyond that.

The relationship drama almost felt a little out of place at times whether we're talking about our nerd-jock couple and even Andy's little thing for Luis (Euriamis Losada) the virgin. And because the movie needed a third leg to sort of stand on, they brought in unusual antagonists. Given this movie had abandoned the whole teen movie angle of self-discovery and what not, we had to bring in literal mean gays to even things out. Thus we have the Jasper trio played by Will Wikle, Brand Lim, and Isaac Webster). They provide some entertainment, but they're really paper thing characters just thrown into the mix of things.

And as expected all the sex that happens mostly results in bad things for the characters including a whole host of STDs. I'm not sure if they wanted to make some sort of a statement or if they just thought those consequences would be funny somehow. And the Perez Hilton angle was just horrible. I've only seem limited clips of Perez interviews at random, but his performance here as himself felt hollow and fake to me. And that's just sad as a sort of major cameo since we have no idea who everyone else was.

Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! was really weird and on the kitchier side of campy in a really bad way. At least the first movie had some semblance of parodying something else - this one was just sloppily done. And so I can only rate this as 1 spring break STD out of a possible 5.

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