Nov 17, 2013

[Technicolor Musings] Betchiwariwariwap Launched!

So a few friends and I have just launched an LGBT social media project that we're calling Betchiwariwariwap! Like a lot of Filipino gay speak, the work's precise meaning is never fully clear but at the very least it's a vote of confidence of support for something (with a heck of a lot of suffixes). For now it's based in Facebook but overtime we hope to expand to other social media platforms like Twitter and Google+.

The project has three main goals:
1) Spread positive, uplifting news / stories relevant to the LGBT community
2) Provide a one-stop shop for information on local LGBT-related events
3) Promote positive LGBT concepts as opposed to limiting stereotypes.

I envisioned this to be a very positive project given there are so many challenges that the LGBT community already faces, we certainly don't to be reminded of such woes on a daily basis. Following the basic principle of taking time to smell the roses, the page is really about celebrating the succceses we've achieved as a global community and to help different LGBT groups and networks get more attention.

So whether gay, straight or at least LGBT-friendly, I'd really appreciate if you take time to like our Facebook page and share it with your friends. And while the posts are often introduced in swardspeak to some extent, the core articles and images are universally understandable.

Join us in making the world a more color place! Bet niyo ba? Betchiwariwariwap!
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