Nov 13, 2013

[Games] Jurassic Park Builder (Android)

So I've moved on from Prehistoric Park as my theme park fix in exchange for the licensed work Jurassic Park Builder. As the title implies, the game makes extensive use of characters from the Jurassic Park movies. And instead of Flintstones-style amusement rides, the only attractions that you'll be creating in this game involve various dinosaurs.

So yeah, it's just like the movie in that regard.

The game is nothing amazing and it can be quite the time suck once you get into it. And it's not because of amazingly compelling gameplay but more because it becomes pretty easy to get into a routine and just repeat those same actions over and over again. In that regard, it's not very different from many other mobile games out there.

Synopsis: Jurassic Park Builder is a mobile game developed by Ludia as based on the Jurassic Park movies. It's available or both iOS and Android as seen in the Google Play Store.

The premise of the game is simple enough - you've been placed in charge of a new attempt at creating a theme park using dinosaurs. Using the resources that you gather from the dinosaur attractions, your goal is to continue to grow your park with new dinosaurs, decorations and various buildings.

As expected, there are initially two major categories of dinosaurs - carnivores and herbivores. But as you unlock additional stages, there will be other dietary considerations like fish versus shrimp and others. Herbivores are obvious given they aren't in secure pens when you place them but carnivores are secured behind electric fences and such. Initially the differences just mean different feed (which levels them up) and general aesthetics but later on a Code Red challenge is unlocked where a storm disturbs all carnivores on the island and you need to keep them calm for a minute.

Decorations not only make your park look better, but they also act as multipliers to increase the rate your dinosaurs produce money. Park structures also add aesthetic value and are also capable of generating money on their own. You'll also need to clear up the forest to for more space for your attractions, an activity that will help you discover new amber samples which means new DNA to grow dinosaurs.

Your progress through the game is initially aided by various characters from the Jurassic Park series. They each give you various missions such as setting a goal for harvesting food or ask you to place a certain dinosaur in the park. Each mission has rewards and these help you grow your park further. Characters featured in the game include John Hammond, Alan Grant, Henry Wu, Iam Malcolm and Kelly Malcolm.

The game plays out like another other mobile game oriented around building things that make money and using said money to build more things. It's a cycle in that regard and of course you're better rewarded when you visit your park frequently given each dinosaur or structure can only hold so much money at a time.

You can also build the track for the Jurassic Park cars as they go around the park. This is a purely aesthetic function (it doesn't even cost money to build tracks) and it's a little detail that helps round things out to some extent.

Jurassic Park Builder isn't an amazing game nor does it involve particularly new concepts. But it's an easy, casual game to return to from time to time, especially if you like dinosaurs. Thus the game gets a decent 3 weird bits of dialogue from the Jurassic Park characters out of a possible 5.

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