Aug 28, 2013

[Star Trek] Kre-O Star Trek Blind Bag Codes (Waves 1-2)

Since I had already invested in the Transformers Kre-O figures, it was only a matter of time before I'd be tempted by their other lines of figures. In this case, I've finally started to bend when it comes to their Star Trek Kreons now that they're finally creating ones based on the older Star Trek TV shows instead of just the Abrams-related movies.

So similar to what I did for the Transformers  blind bag figures, I'm putting up a quick guide to the Star Trek ones for your reference.

While I didn't purchase the first wave, the codes are simple enough to figure out. I opted not to get them given I have no real affinity for the characters that they presented - although the new Gorn was a little cool.

As with the Transformers Kre-O packs, all you need to do is locate the serial code that pretty much follows a format of 30711-XX where the last two numbers represent which figure it is. The first five digits typically refer to production batch so aren't as important (or so some users have told me). But it does keep things simple enough in terms of figuring out which figures you want to get.

So here are the typical Wave 1 codes for your reference:

  • 30711-05 - Nero
  • 30711-06 - Keenser
  • 30711-07 - Lt. Sprog
  • 30711-08 - Klingon
  • 30711-09 - Gorn
  • 30711-10 - Grasia
Now the Wave 2 figures are a lot better, and tap various characters from the different incarnations of Star Trek. I think the only series that feels unrepresented is Voyager, but that depends on how you feel about how one should classify Borg drones.

Similar to the Transformers sets, you can locate the blind bag's reference code on the "back" side (with the listing of all the possible figures) in the upper right corner. Again, we follow a format of batch number + a 2-digit code. There are 12 figures in all.

Wave 2 Codes:
  • 31491-11 - Captain Kirk
  • 31491-12 - Spock
  • 31491-13 - Worf
  • 31491-14 - General Chang
  • 31491-15 - Borg Drone
  • 31491-16 - Locutus
  • 31491-17 - Gul Dukat
  • 31491-18 - Khan Noonien-Singh
  • 31491-19 - Salt Vampire
  • 31491-20 - Mugato
  • 31491-21 - Quark 
  • 31491-22 - Andorian Soldier
I'll revisit this page for updates should additional waves be released. I think we're all clamoring for more Voyager figures (Seven of Nine!!!) but we'll see what Hasbro does in the coming months.

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  1. Great article! Thanks for the info. Just a couple questions:

    1) Where did you get these?!?
    2) Do you have a pic of the poly bag? I need to know what to look for :P

  2. Most major retailers should have them - check among their Kre-O displays, which should be close to the Transformers.

    The bags look like this:

  3. Thank you sir! I've checked TRU and they are inundated with wave 1. Here's hoping wave 2 hits soon. Very appreciated!

  4. Thank you sir! I've checked TRU and they are inundated with wave 1. Here's hoping wave 2 hits soon. Thanks again@

  5. I haven't found these at ANY retailer that carries Kre-O in the area, and no websites seem to have them. Are they at all available in the US?

  6. Sorry for the late reply. They were available in the US previously, although the series did not get enough interest it seems and they quickly disappeared from shelves.