Aug 21, 2013

[Games] My Muppets Show (Android)

After the hit game that is My Singing Monsters, it came as no surprise to me that a major franchise brand decided to work with Big Blue Bubble to create a themed version of their game. And after the likes of Temple Run: Brave, it looks like Disney decided to take an interest in this game.

Like many geeks my age, I'm quite the fan of The Muppets - those adorable puppet creations from the great Jim Henson. They've seen a sort of resurgence thanks to the 2011 movie, The Muppets and I couldn't be happier to see them out and about again. And now this game is yet another step towards ensuring their continued longevity - that and a new movie coming out rather soon.

And while a lot of these franchise clones of popular games tend to feel like cheap shots at times, this one's fairly decent. Not amazing, but still decent.

My Muppets Show is a game developed by Big Blue Bubble, Inc. as released by Disney, who currently own the licensing rights for The Muppets. The game is currently free for both Android and iOS, but I've been mainly playing the Android version (naturally).

Similar to My Singing Monsters, the game works by "hiring" the various Muppets to perform in your new stage show. Each Muppet either sings in their distinct voice or style, or plays an actual instrument (as opposed to how the My Singing Monsters creatures were the instruments at times). In addition, the various stages are in states of disrepair and are littered with debris, thus you'll need to invest in cleaning up the place.

In each stage you can buy decorations that both make your Muppets happier but also really help spruce up the show. I like how the decorations actually make more sense this time around. For example, you can get politically-themed items for Sam the Eagle and you can buy Animal extra drums. But since this is a stage show, you also get to purchase new backdrops for the stage (some of them rather iconic from the various Muppet movies and shows) and special effects like the laser lights that are blasting across the screenshot.

At this point of initial release for the game, there are only two possible stages for you to play through - this the Muppet Theater and the Kitchen. In typical fashion things start to get more expensive as you get to the later stages and the time to hire Muppets also increases.

The biggest challenge of the game is the fact that the Muppets no longer follow the elements system that was established in My Singing Monsters. Instead you just have to keep testing different combinations of Muppets until you hire and digitize the correct Muppet that you desire. You can purchase the required combination for the more advanced Muppets with the in-app currency (diamonds), but even with that in hand you will need to try hiring them repeatedly since the fail rate is rather high. It gets a little frustrating even across just two stages, but maybe they'll address this in later editions.

The songs aren't quite as fun as the My Singing Monsters routines for some reasons, but they're still enjoyable for completely different reasons. The Muppets are the Muppets after all and I can't really complain. Thus I have like a gazillion Chickens singing for me in my Kitchen. I'm that kind of a guy.

My Muppets Show is a nice re-skin of My Singing Monsters but it's not a revolutionary new game or anything. If you like the original game and like the Muppets, this should be still enjoyable. If you only like the Muppets, then you should be in for a treat. Thus I rate the game as 4 meeping Beakers out of a possible 5.
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