Jun 19, 2013

[Transformers] Takara Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Skywarp (TG-18)

While in Singapore, I managed to pick up the (so far) Takara-exclusive figure of Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Skywarp (TG-18)0. It's a ridiculously long name for the toy, I know, but if you want to be accurate, that's what you'll end up calling it. This Japan-exclusive figure is pretty much "just" a repaint of Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Starscream. But even repaints can be a lot of fun.

Now I'll admit that I'm quite the Skywarp fan - he has always been my favorite of all the Seekers. Beyond his typically "cool" black and purple paint sceme (so classic Decepticon), he had the ability to freaking teleport! Now that's a cool power, even given he hasn't necessarily been the sharpest tool in the shed.

So this figure was a fun find, and pretty much inevitable as soon as they released Starscream. After all, the Seekers have always been the most classic of all repaints on the Decepticon side.

At first glance. there's not much to say about this Deluxe-class figure. He's Starscream with purple bits after all. But when you think about it, they made some interesting decisions in terms of his overall coloring.

His color scheme is actually more gray and lilac as opposed to black and purple, which is not exactly what I had expected. In fact, his box art seems to depict him as being more rusty metal than light gray, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers. At least he was sorta purple, right?

He comes with the same accessories as Starscream did, but in his new purple and gray paint scheme. Thus his only stand out color is for his canopy, which is made of a nice translucent orange plastic. And he has his little lipe-piping feature intact, which means that in robot mode his eyes "glow" as long as a light source is directed at the back of his head.

Admittedly I loved this vehicle mold from the time FoC Starscream came out. It's a great copy of how he appeared in the game and is also a wicked looking fighter. Plus he comes with a gazillion sockets for his guns to be inserted whether under his wings, on his arms, at the sides of his legs or even on top of his jet mode (just take out the tail fin). That's a lot of fun versatility in one toy!

Now I have to admit that I've had a somewhat mixed experience with Takara figures in this class. While Takara's Masterpiece figures are some of the best in the market, their retail offerings aren't always as great, at least in my experience. A lot of times I've ended up with toys with loose joints, chrome paint that fades when exposed to air and other issues. To date my Takara Transformers Animated Arcee doesn't stand perfectly well and her swords don't lock in securely in their sheathes.

This Skywarp figure is a nicely solid build though and was able to go through a lot of poses when I first gave him a run. And while I do love his vehicle mode more than his robot mode, he's still able to hold his own as a humanoid. And he's a figure with pretty good weight distribution, so you don't need to make a like a hundred minor adjustments before you can get him securely standing just right.

I really wish they had painted his gray bits black though, or something like that. It would have had much more of an impact for him as a figure, and it would have softened the weird feeling his lighter purple paint scheme leaves you with.

Should you get him? Well, only if it's at a price you consider fair. I secured him for like 45 SGD at Singapore and I highly suspect he'll be a lot pricier in the Philippine toy market. Some may argue that you may be better off buying Starscream and repainting him yourself, provided you have skills in this area (which I don't). Otherwise, he's still a fun addition to your collection, especially for fellow Skywarp fans. Just don't hold your breath for a Thundercracker variant to be released to complete your core Seeker set, but then who knows really.

Oh, and for rating purposes I'd give Skywarp a decent 4 out of 5, mainly because of the paint. It's really a bit of a sore spot for me.

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