May 5, 2013

[Pink Scene] IDAHO on May 17

May 17 is IDAHO - the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia. As the name of the event states, it's a day set aside to mark the importance of fighting discrimination against members of the LGBT community in all of its forms. Given all the discrimination, bullying and even hate crimes that seem to be taking place around the world, we need help now more than ever to create safe spaces for LGBT.

So what can you do to support IDAHO here in the Philippines? Well one of the first steps is to get involved in the IDAHO social media community and be counted among those who want to stand up against discrimination. And you don't need to be LGBT to support IDAHO - the community certainly needs allies of all sorts whenever possible.

You can Like IDAHO Philippines on Facebook or follow @idahoPH on Twitter.

You can also make some time on May 17 to join the rest of IDAHO Philippines in their event, Tagay for IDAHO, which is the Safe Space Project launch in celebration of IDAHO as well.

Start that conversation. Educate your straight and LGBT peers. Create safe spaces for LGBTs in your neighborhood! We have a long way to go in eliminating homophobia and transphobia in the Philippines and the movement begins with you!

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