Apr 28, 2013

[Technicolor Musings] Goodbye, Bed Malate

Words and image are the copyright of Louie Cano
Local pink author Louie Cano put together this quaint little poem to say goodbye to BED Manila - in Malate at least. And while this isn't BED's final curtain call as a bar (they're moving somewhere greener, they claim) it is the end of a significant chapter in Malate's history as a center for the queer party scene here in Metro Manila.

I feel bad BED is going away. But at the same time I guess "my" BED disappeared a long time ago. Ever since the post-fire renovation. the bar never felt the same to me. It was too big, too empty and just felt wrong in so many ways. Plus my Michaels seemed a lot more watered down than I remember them to be.

But still, this is about closing the book on a significant part of my personal queer history as well. It feels like ages since the last time I went since I know my home these days is O Bar Ortigas. But there will always be that feeling of regret that Malate will never be the same without this particular bar. And thus it sort of connects to my overall sentiments that gay Malate is pretty much dead.

Goodbye BED Manila in Malate. You will be missed. Hope you find your feet in your new home soon enough.

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