Feb 13, 2013

[Transformers] Generations Deluxe-Class Wave 6

This 6th wave of Transformers Generations figures apparently decide to draw heavily from the 1986 Transformers animated movie. Both Kup and Scourge played rather notable roles in that movie and were heavily utilized in the third season of the original animated TV series.

In case you haven't been keeping count, the six wave brings the balance of power in favor of the Deceptions at 8-7. The distribution between the two factors will never truly get balanced, when you really think about it, if only because Decepticons tend to get the more aggressive vehicle modes while Autobots are just bound to win since, well, they're the good guys.

What is also interesting about this 6th wave of toys is the fact that they decided to go with more Earth-friendly modes instead of adopting a mode Cybertronian aesthetic for these figures. And this is even all the more ironic given the original incarnations of these two characters were very much Cybertronian in nature. What a tough break.

Scourge, depending on which fiction you choose to believe, is at least accept as the leader of the Sweeps, which is a sub-fleet of Decepticons who looked exactly like him. Or at least looked like the old him.

His original G1 toy had been redecoed into a Targetmaster, which sort of explains this version of the toy. In robot mode, Scourge comes with a weapon who looks a like like Fracas, his original Targetmaster partner. But given the gun's only ability is to split into two pieces, this is probably not the case.

Scourge still has his signature beard and his arms a little on the skinny side compared to his massive shoulder segments. Annoyingly, his hands are stick in the O position to accommodate his gun, which makes the effort of painting on Mandarin-like nails a tad useless. The perfectly circular nature of his hands makes him look a little silly, plus the fact his feet look like snow boots.

His vehicle mode is pretty decent, although it uses a heck of a lot of white pain. At least he now resembles a flying wing instead of the unusual surfboard that he seemed to convey in the original G1 toy. This guns tuck away neatly into compartments in the wing.

The biggest fun detail of this toy is how you are able to extend Scourge's head to stick out of the plane, thus reenacting moments in the old cartoon where he seemed to be having a conversation with his head sticking out of his surfboard vehicle mode. This detail alone is a major plus for this edition of Scourge.

You can view more photos of Scourge in this album.

Sergeant Kup appears to have joined the ranks of other Transformers who original names seem to be suffering for copyright issues. But we can forgive that since he's a pretty fun toy.

In robot mode, he makes for a decent-looking Kup with respect to the original cartoon model. The detail on his face is pretty amazing - although this does not stop people from replacing his head with a fan-mold that includes a cigar (as featured in the IDW comics). He comes with a wicked looking laser musket, which similar to the name of his weapon in the G1 era.

Like Scourge, the G1 version of this toy had been re-released as a Targetmaster, although this mold decided not to give him a partner. his feet do end up looking ridiculously big in order to give him sufficient stability to stand up. Plus I always get stressed when I transform him - there are far too many clicking sounds when you snap his head into place.

In vehicle mode, Kup is a very Earth-friendly truck. Heck, he's the kind of truck that ends up rusting on a farm somewhere in the American Mid-West. Plus he's really, really green. This guy is in dire need of additional detailing or some other color. Thus he remains a rather boring truck.

I will give credit to the designers for thinking of where to store his ridiculous long gun. Similar to Drift, his weapon is snapped into place under his vehicle mode. Similar to the Classics Sunstreaker and Sideswipe mold, his gun becomes his exhaust pipe. We can ignore the fact that Kup seems to have two pipes though. You can also mount his gun on top of his cab and feel like a redneck chasing Decepticon vermin off your property.

You can view more photos of Sergeant Kup in this album.

Both Scourge and Sergeant Kup were a lot better in their robot modes compared to their vehicle modes and are better displayed in that manner. But these go a long way to recreating the cast of the 1986 movie, if that happens to be one of your goals. (Arcee, where are you?) From a review perspective, Scourge deserves a solid 4/5 because his head can stick out of his vehicle mode. Yes, that's a big thing for me. However Kup only gets 3.5/5, for excessive use of the color green.

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