Jan 2, 2013

[Infographics] What's Next for Apple?

Without a doubt, Apple is one of the most-watched companies in the world. I could go as far as saying that I even bet some people gauge the general stock market at large based on the performance of Apple stock alone. And while I still have never owned an Apple device in my adult life, I fully recognize how a lot of the world does.

And while Apple's total value as a company remains unquestionable, the real matter of concern is whether or not Apple can sustain its growth or if it is set for decline. The recent Google Finance bug aside, the loss of Steve Jobs and somewhat lackluster reviews for more recent Apple devices has a lot of folks questioning what's next for Apple. And thus today's infographic from OnlineBusinessDegree.org to help kick off 2013.

Peak or Plateau: What’s Next for Apple?

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