Nov 18, 2012

[Pink Scene] Free HIV / STI Testing in Makati on November 23

Love Yourself, one of the local HIV / AIDS advocacy groups in the Philippines, is hosting another free and confidential HIV testing event at the  MEDICard Lifestyle Center in Makati City on November 23, 2012. Starting 05:00pm all the way to 02:00am, you can get tested for HIV and other STIs like syphilis and hepatitis B absolutely free and with assurance that our information will remain private and confidential. The event especially caters to the male homosexual / bisexual segment so it's a great opportunity to finally get tested for a lot of you queer geeks out there.

I've previously written about how we should not be afraid of getting tested - there's been a lot of medical advances that help people living with HIV / AIDS live normal lives and your chances of living a longer and still fulfilling life increase the sooner you get diagnosed. I try to compare this like finding out you have asthma or diabetes - yes you will need to learn to live with this for the rest of your life. But it is not in a death sentence in itself. People stress out too much about the fact that there is no cure for HIV / AIDS at this time, but the same can be said of cancer and ultimately the common cold! But you can't determine whether or not you may actually need treatment until you take that first step of getting tested.

If you're curious about what to expect during an HIV test, Love Yourself also has this handy article to help out first-timers.

Interested participants can pre-register at this link:

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