Aug 15, 2012

[Amazon] The Kindle Experience on Chrome

As both a Kindle user and a major Google fan, I'm increasingly happy with the many different ways one can enjoy one's collection of Kindle ebooks with the aid of the Google Chrome browser. And the current gloomy weather in the Philippines has me thinking about ways to help fellow bibliophiles make the most of Kindle on Chrome.

Some of my Kindle books
The long-standing option for Kindle users is the Kindle Cloud Reader. As a web service alone, it allows you to read your Kindle ebooks as long as you are connected to the internet, which is cool in itself. Your progress in this app will sync with your Amazon account so when you move on over to your acutal Kindle device or any other Kindle Reader App you'll be able to pick up your reading right where you stopped on the cloud reader.

And sure, this is just a website and you'd think Chrome has nothing to add to the experience, but there you're wrong! If you install the full cloud reader app via the Chrome Web Store, then you'll also be able to save a local copy of some of your books to your computer so that you can still access your titles in case you lose your internet connection. I've found this to be a great option when you're using a computer that is either (1) not yours or (2) one that you do not have administrative rights for in order to install the full reader apps. thus you can read your books easily even when you leave your Kindle at home (or aren't allowed to bring it out at the office, if you get what I mean).

Send to Kindle Extension Overview
And just today, the Kindle Daily Post announced that there's now the Send to Kindle extension for Chrome! This was a feature added to Kindle for PC sometime back and now it works for anyone who uses Google Chrome. This means that you can send news articles, blog posts or even just snippets of text to your Kindle with this handy extension.

Naturally it comes with a handy keyboard extension so that it's just a matter of triggering that shortcut to send the page to your Kindle for further reading when you have more time to enjoy the article or blog entry when you have more time. You can configure which Kindle devices or apps it will send the page to by default and you can also choose to save such snippets to your Amazon account - thus making it as an optional download for all other Kindle devices and apps associated with your account! Teh coolness!

So yeah, I'm know I'm a walking Kindle advertisement at times, but I love it so much it has made me quite the advocate (and proudly so!) Hope this helps you fellow Kindle geeks make the most of your Kindles!
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