Jun 3, 2012

[Pink Scene] This Is Supposed To Be The White Party Manila 2012?

So the first poster images for the 11th White Party Manila have finally hit the social media networks and we get this:

So it looks like we don't officially have a "theme" yet (as if people follow) and I have no idea who these people are supposed to be. Oh well.

What strikes me as somewhat odd is the fact that this is the first time that none of the Malate bars appear on the poster - take a close look and all you'll find are sponsors and a few advocacy groups like LADLAD and Taskforce Pride. Beyond that, it's all corporate sponsors and of course a glaring SM Tickets image. And that's a weird change to see - the bars have always been the primary drivers behind Pride events like this. If the bars aren't fully participating, then who is? Or are they just not getting the benefit of advertising - which feels wrong to me as well.

Then the poster lists the starting time as 09:00pm. Who the heck hits the local queer scene at 09:00pm? Or is this them banking on Filipino time? Whatever.

I headed over to SM Tickets to check out the pricing for this event and was surprised to see that the "entrance" for the street party is already P150. Seriously. What used to be the year's annual celebrate of PRIDE now includes a charge of P150 just to get into the venue. While I don't expect it to be free, but I think I didn't mind the P50 cover to help pay for the "permits" to have the event. I could sort of tolerate P100 given how big it has gotten. But P150? Does anyone actually care about the derivative drivel that passes for a "program" at the street event any more? And here the event supposedly starts at 10:00pm. Thus things continue to get more and more annoying confusing.

And yes, I'm the type of person who'll prefer to celebrate Pride inside the comforts of one of the bars (who am I kidding - we'll be at O Bar of course!) that means that patrons like me would have to pay the P150 street entrance for a show I won't watch them the door charge for the bar, which will be above P300 for a special Saturday night like this. Whoo boy.

And again we have the ridiculous P500 rate for a "VIP" section. Let's say that one more time - a VIP section at a STREET PARTY. Even if you did have a table, I doubt you'd be seated very long once all the other queers arrive and the street turns into a stampede waiting to happen. If it's anything like last year, then all you'll get some pseudo fancy drink for your table on top of everything else, but that's about it.

The event is being managed by a group known as Mentorque Productions, the same geniuses who managed the post Pride March party last year that included the need to send the Pride marchers out of the event area right after the march so that they could pay entrance once they had everything set up. Good job Mentroque for continuing to capitalize on our desire to celebrate gay Pride by finding new (yet highly unimaginative) ways to take more of our money.

So this is Pride, huh? Absolutely brilliant. /sarcasm / snark


  1. Shet. Di pa rin ako nakakapunta sa White Party sa Malate :(

  2. You seem to have a lot of regrets - don't dwell on them and take action!

  3. John Bryan Diamante07 June, 2012 18:06

    Sorry For Disappointing You...

    Now that Pride has started to be a celebration rather than a protest.

    Ticketing and Corporate sponsor is a reality.

    Commercialization has allowed these events to continue.

    The party of the Post Pride March last December was the party that funded the Lights stage and sounds for the Pride March for Pride March itself lacks Funding.

    The First White Party was yes... FREE... For they have generous sponsors... but now No one will just sponsor that much anymore... We only receive products for sponsors and go all the way out to convert it to cash so that production cost will be settled. White Party started to commercialized last 2010  because years before that no one is organizing it already. You know why? Corporate Sponsorships are gone.

    If anyone would like to volunteer and sponsor these events so that we won't charge any amount to the goers, please tell them to contact us we need them.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to comment - I've replied to your feedback with this post: