Apr 29, 2012

[Pink Scene] Experience O Bar Ortigas Through Videos

It goes without saying that Tobie, Prince and I spend a lot of our free time at O Bar Ortigas. And you can't really blame us - it's a fun place to celebrate the good times and we have a lot of friends who share our passion for celebrating the bar as well. While Prince does perform poi at the bar, Tobie and I aren't quite staff just yet, although we do our part to help out the owners and make sure things go well at the bar whenever we're around.

And over the course of our weekly trips to O Bar, I've taken quite a number of photos and videos at the bar, so I thought it might be fun to put this video post together to give everyone a better idea of what goes on at the bar. The term "gay bar" tends to have too many different meanings in the country and it's important to be clear that this isn't a place meant for strippers and the like. At the end of the day, O Bar is just a place to hang out, have fun with friends (queer or otherwise), enjoy a few drag shows and be dazzled by the various ledge and poi dancers. Everything else, including hooking up with a guy for the night, is really up to you.

So let's go through the round-up of the videos, shall we?

First, O Bar does have some rather hot men dancing on the various ledges and giving all of us something to watch to keep us entertained...

And then of course we have the O Divas - the fabulous drag queens who help us all celebrate our inner diva or at the very least help us laugh away the tensions of the week:

And of course I have to highlight the fact that the High Voltage Poi Spinners Duo performs at O Bar Ortigas as well. Personal bias aside they're really good at what they do and having them at the bar really adds a special something to the whole O Bar experience:

So that's really just a taste of what you might experience at O Bar Ortigas. The videos do manage to present a lot of the potential fun there, but really there's nothing that quite replaces actually going there yourself.

A lot of folks have left comments on my blog posts and videos saying that they want to go but are often too afraid to go alone. But that's really not an excuse - there's nothing to be afraid of while at O Bar! It's a great place to make new friends or at least go with one other person - gay, straight or whatever, it doesn't matter.

And of course should you bump into any member of the ASA Family while you're there, be sure to say hello! At the very least we'll toast a glass of whatever your poison as we continue to celebrate fun times throughout the night.

O Bar Ortigas is located above Persian Square at the Home Depot Complex along Julia Vargas Ave in Pasig City. It's open from Wednesday nights to Sunday nights and entrance rates range between P250 during lighter nights and P350 during peak weekend evenings. Entrance gets you 3 ticket stubs that you can redeem for local beers or all together for a single cocktail.