Feb 26, 2012

[Pink Scene] The O Divas Take It Up a Notch

For those who follow my photos on Picasa Web Albums and other social media channels, you've probably noticed that I spend a lot of my free time on the weekends at O Bar Ortigas together with my partners Tobie and Prince (who does amazing stuff with poi). And I've written quite a few posts about the bar including a big one that discusses why we support it so much.

One of the biggest reasons we enjoy O Bar (beyond support Prince's poi spinning of course) definitely has to be the O Divas - the drag performers who make almost every O Bar night a heck of a lot more fun. Their performance range from the emotionally powerful to the wonderfully campy - ultimately it's all good fun.

Typically there are 3-4 divas performing per night over 2-3 sets of individual and group numbers. But for the past two Sundays, we've been seeing 7-8 divas performing at O Bar Ortigas, thus taking full advantage of the much larger performance space afforded  by the layout of the bar (versus its counterpart in Malate that is).

And it's not just about the sheer number of divas - we're talking about a lot more group numbers, a lot more synchronized and highly coordinated performances and overall a rather top notch performance that you'd think they'd charge separate entrance for! I mean this goes beyond the cheap stuff you see on noontime television - these are some pretty amazing numbers that include almost every corner of the bar filled with fabulous drag queens!

And beyond the bigger routines, the coordinated dances and the general good fun that comes with any drag queen really strutting her stuff, they also have some pretty stellar costumes that, well, are hard to capture in a single photo. Case in point:

I don't know how long they're going to keep this up, but if we get a repeat performance tonight, we definitely have a new reason to hit up O Bar Ortigas on Sundays. Who needs dinner theater when we have fabulous drag entertainment at the heart of the metro? And if we do get a repeat performance, I totally promise to take video!

See you guys there!
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