Jan 30, 2012

[Movies] Star Wars Uncut

Tobie and I have been in Singapore all weekend, and thus haven't had the time to watch a recent movie for my Monday review purposes.

So instead of just posting another of my rambling reviews, I thought it might be nice to offer you something to watch instead.

Started in 2009, Star Wars Uncut is a fan project aimed at recreating the original Star Wars using crowd-sourced material. They divided the movie into 15 second movie clips and left it to the community to recreate each snippet in whatever way they wanted to.

And the results are pretty impressive.

You can watch the entire 2+ hour movie on YouTube now and it's totally worth the effort of buffering a file that long. The clips include everything stop-motion animation using old Star Wars toys, highly Sweded live-action scenes filmed at universities, offices and what have you and of course a bunch of crazy animated pieces thrown into the mix.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the fan geekery. And we'll have a new movie review for you ready by next week!

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