Dec 21, 2011

[Google] Santa Claus Is Tech-Savvy

Every year Google has various gimmicks for the holiday season such as being able to track Santa Claus on Google Earth or the option to leave Santa Claus messages on a special hotline. But man, this year's gimmick is a heck of a lot of fun!

Initially Google made it possible to send your friends and relatives voice messages from Santa, for as long as they live in the US or Canada and you also have a US or Canadian phone number. I managed to test this out with a friend, and it worked out rather well. However the geographic limitation was a bit of a bummer.

But today they announced that you can now send video messages from Santa as well, and these YouTube hosted messages can either be posted on your Google+ page or send directly to the recipient via email.

I totally geeked out on this today and send a few close family members and friends some rather zany messages from Santa. Totally awesome way of celebrating the holidays - go try it out for yourself at!

Happy Holidays, fellow Google Geeks!
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