Dec 10, 2011

[Blogosphere] Blog-rolling!

This week marked the launch of my new personal blog and domain,, which marks my formal exit from LiveJournal after more than 8 years of blogging there. Given that, I find myself now open to building a new blogroll for the site given LJ used to limit you to about 15-20 links even on a good day.

If you're interested in getting on the blogrolls of any of the three blogs that I manage / write for, here's what you need to know:

This blog features a more dynamic blog roll that rewards you more if you have new updates and sort of forgets you when you have nothing to say. I tried to focus on more conventional blogs and not so much the big names that have a gazillion updates a day - it gives everyone a better chance of getting featured.

This is the co-blog that I write with my partner, Tobie Abad. It's really meant to celebrate our relationship together so the blog naturally has an LGBT tone to it. Thus the blogroll on this site is more focused on listing other gay blogs of interest. I'm definitely open to adding you to the list even if I don't know you all that well - we have to support the LGBT community after all, right? The blogroll is a static page, accessible from the site's main navigation bar.

The blogroll here is more focused on site supported by people that I actually know in real life or have maintained some degree of a significant online friendship. I'm not quite up to solely marketing-driven link exchanges at this site since this site has no advertising and is not concerned with monetization at this time. The blog utilizes Blogger's new Dynamic Views template, thus readers have the option to change layouts when reading. The blogroll here is also a static page, accessible from the site's main navigation bar.

And of course in all cases, it's only polite that you link back.
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  1. Pwede ba ma-feature/exchange-link sa 3 nabanggit na blogs? :)

  2. You haven't been checking - dati ka pang naka-lista sa lahat. =P

  3. Ay sorry naman. Nakalista na pala ako hehe.