Nov 23, 2011

[Blogosphere] Geek Blogs of Interest

For most days of the week, I have some fairly rigid rules about what I post here on the Geeky Guide. For example, book reviews come out of Tuesdays, TV-related posts on Thursdays and LGBT posts on Sundays. But Wednesdays, which started out as my day for tech, have sort of evolved into my free-for-all day. A day when I just talk about almost anything geek-related. Sure any video game reviews come out on Wednesdays alone, but I've also written about a bunch of other stuff.

So for today I thought it might be fun to spread some blog love around for sites that may interest you. And by this I assume that since you keep coming back here, you tend to like certain things. And these blogs are probably related to said things. Or something.

You get the general idea.

First up is a new blog my partner created called Tobie Abad Game Sessions (or TAG Sessions, which is an inside joke between the two of us).

Tobie Abad Game Sessions

The blog was initially an experiment with Blogger's new Dynamic Views, which I've always felt to be Blogger's attempt to appeal more to the Tumblr-loving segment of the blogging community. The views are nicely visual and lend themselves well to blogs like that (unlike the text-heavy Geeky Guide).

Now Tobie has been using the site to document the various games he's run whether they're one-shots, LARPs or full blown chronicles that can last for several months (or even years!) It's almost full history of his gaming activities as best as he can remember them and considering he's been gaming for most of his life, that's a LOT of history in one site.

It's a great place to visit in case you're already into gaming and looking for a GM to run a game for you (Tobie is open to requests) or if you're just curious about tabletop RPGs and want to learn more. Tobie is quite the advocate about tabletop RPGs - I suppose in the same way I'm a lifelong Transformers fan or a major Google nerd.

Another interesting blog to check out is Games and Geekery, which is written by a former classmate of mine and a friend of his.

Games and Geekery

This blog is more about conventional computer gaming, so you can expect a lot of discussions related to currently popular console games, MMORPGs and as of late, a lot of Skyrim.

The blog is more than just reviews though. It features a lot of personal insight on the games themselves and to some extent the culture that builds around the games as a whole. Beyond the fact that I know the primary blogger behind the site, I can honestly say that the site is very well-written and I can understand why he was used to work as an editor for a video games news site. Despite his moving on though, it's nice to see that he continues to write and share his insights on the community at large.

In addition to his blog, you can also follow him on Twitter via the username iamstillwater.

And last, there's AndroidTidBits, which is a quaint little Adroid-centric blog that another online contact of ours writes for.

Android TidBits

The site is pretty straight forward in its approach as an Android-focused news site. they do their best to post the latest news and reviews related to devices utilizing the Android OS, which is a pretty daunting challenge in itself. But it's clear they're pretty determined given how much content they've generated despite having started the site only recently.

So yeah, this is me showing a little support for a friend by posting a link and all. But if you are an Android user, then I'm sure the site will prove useful as part of your regular portfolio of Android news sites.

Do you want to get your site featured on the Geeky Guide? I might be open to that, but you need to have a geeky site first. Send me a link and we can see how things go or engage me in a conversation over on Twitter.
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  1. Thanks for featuring this love.  I do appreciate it.

  2. Hey man,

    Thanks for featuring Games and Geekery. :) You made my day so much better with the shoutout as I've been doing the DNS info change shuffle and I'm not sure when it'll stabilize.

  3. You're very welcome! My pleasure to spread the TAG love and try to get more people into gaming. =)

  4. You're certainly welcome, Victor! You've done a great job with the site so far and I always enjoy reading. I didn't have any issues with accessing the site today, if that's any consolation.