Oct 5, 2011

[Gaming] Paradigm Infinitum Games (Singapore)

During the big Singapore Birthday trip last August, my partner and I had been given a tip by a friend about a gaming shop that we could scope out while in the country. And while we do have stores like Neutral Grounds here in the Philippines, it's always a good thing to scope out other geek venues, especially those in other countries. As much as I love the Philippines, you have to admit that we don't have as diverse gaming options as some other places.

The store in question is known as Paradigm Infinitum Games and we visited their branch on Orchard Road, although it's a little hard to spot. It's located at the third floor of Midpoint Orchard and it seems most if not all the other establishments sharing the floor with them happen to be beauty salons or massage parlors. But don't worry, it's definitely worth the adventure.

While unassuming from the outside, Paradigm Infinitum is a cozy geek hangout admid the hustle and bustle of the Orchard Road shopping district. They cater to fans of tabletop role-playing games, minitature war games, board games and a bunch of other geek hobbies. They also host tournaments for various games, for those who are in need of other players.

They had a pretty healthy collection of various gaming gear and at the time we picked up a copy of the first book of White Wolf's Scion, the latest Carcassonne expansion, a set of Once Upon a Time playing cards and some Chessex D10's, which was pretty awesome. We could have gotten more, but of course baggage space (and case) was an issue.

The staff at the store were both knowledgeable and pretty friendly, which was cool. They really took the time to make sure we were attended to even without asking for assistance. And of course they were more than happy to share their opinions on whatever games we happened to be looking at - a boon for the casual shopper who may not know too much about the items on sale and are in need of assistance.

Just don't get too surprised if they start talking to you out of the blue. They're pretty social folks and very passionate, which I feel are important qualities for anyone supporting a store of this nature.

So when in Singapore, this is a definite must-go-to stop for any gaming geek. Paradigm Infinitum has two branches:

Paradigm Infinitum Orchard
220 Orchard Road, #03-01
Midpoint Orchard
Singapore 238852
Tel: +6567343858
Paradigm Infinitum Fusionopolis1 Fusionopolis Way #02-05/06
Singapore 138632
Tel: +6564666771

I guarantee you won't regret making time for a visit during your next Singapore trip. Just be sure to prepare some space (and of course weight allotment) in your luggage - you're bound to find something worth bring home to continue to spread the geek love.
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