Aug 24, 2011

[Personal] SINGAPORE!

Flickr: Sheba_also - Singapore Business Centre at Dusk-1=
Singapore Business Centre at Dusk-1=
by John / Sheba_also via Flickr.

Today my partner Tobie and I are flying off to Singpore! This is our first out of the country trip together and it marks my very first trip to the country as well. I haven't been outside of the Philippines since my US business trip in 2008, so I have to admit I'm pretty excited.

We have a pretty busy itinerary lined up given this trip is meant as a way to celebrate my birthday this Sunday, August 28. Our plan for the vacation weekend includes catching The Lion King at Marina Bay Sands, visiting a number of art exhibits here and there, visiting Universal Studios Singapore and a bunch of other fun activities.

Thus over the next few days, expect that comment replies and email responses will be a bit more delayed than usual. If anything, I promise to reply to all posts no later than Tuesday, August 31. If you have suggestions for things that we should try or places that we should see, feel free to leave a note in the comments!

If you want to share in my birthday celebrations this weekend, I'd greatly appreciate if you took a look at my Amazon Kindle Wish Lists and picked something out for me! I have one for various science fiction, fantasy and LGBT books and a more "professional" one for business books. I'd greatly appreciate anything you'd opt to contribute to my ever-growing Kindle library!
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  1. Enjoy your vacation there in Singapore. Don't forget my pasalubong ha? Wahehehe :)