Jul 2, 2011

[Pink Scene] New Date For White Party Manila 2011

For those who are still wondering, the so-called "official" White Party Manila has been re-scheduled for Saturday, July 16, 2011. Entrance for the event is P100 and there are also limited P500 VIP tickets available as well.

Although I have no idea what benefits you get with a VIP ticket.

And I have no idea who DJ Thiago Vinicius and the Panty Monsters are.

White Party Manila - July 16 2011

So will your Geeky Guide and his partner show up at the "official" White Party?

I highly doubt it. My partner and I celebrated the Almost White Party last June 25 (the traditional weekend for the White Party), and so we already feel like we've properly commemorated LGBT Pride. Pride Month is a lot more than just some silly party and it just feels...wrong, for lack of a better term, to celebrate it in the middle July.

But please, don't let me stop you from going if your heart is set for it. Go enjoy the event and if anything, please try to remember to celebrate LGBT Pride admidst the debauchery, hehe.

For VIP ticket reservations, contact (0917)887-4851
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