Jun 25, 2011

[Pink News] NY Senate Votes for Gay Marriage

Rainbow flag flapping in the wind with blue sk...Image via WikipediaFinally, some good news despite the bad weather we have here and the announcement that the White Party has been postponed indefinitely.

In a surprise move after talks seemed to have stalled as of a few days ago, the New York Senate has voted 33-to-29 in favor of a bill legalizing gay marriage within the state including providing all the legal rights entitled to married couples. This comes after many lengthy debates and a Republican-controlled legislature.

Quoting the CNN report:

"New York has finally torn down the barrier that has prevented same-sex couples from exercising the freedom to marry and from receiving the fundamental protections that so many couples and families take for granted," Cuomo, a Democrat, said in a written statement shortly after the vote.

Now all it needs is the governor's signature and then New York will be the 6th state in the US that will legally allow for gay marriage. Another step forward for LGBT rights! The bill has been signed into law! Gay marriage in New York will begin in 30 days!
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