Jun 21, 2011

[Blogosphere] Guest Phone-In at MGG

A week before my post on The Importance of Coming Out, I agreed to participate in the first-ever phone-in Fabcast over at Manila Gay Guy. It really just consisted of me asking a question via a cellular phone call but it seemed like a fun activity and of course a way to get other opinions on relevant issues.

Manila Gay Guy: Fabcasts

Given it's Pride Month, naturally my question was whether or not the Fabcasters felt it was still important to come out. Not just to yourself mind you, but to other people out there whether they're co-workers, family or friends. And given I had already asked the question, I eventually got around to posting last Sunday's Technicolor Musings post with my thoughts on the matter.

The Fabcast discussion was pretty interesting and I'm inviting everyone to listen and share your opinions. Given the quality of the call, you actually can't quite recognize my voice (at least for those who know what I sound like). But no worries, it was still fun to participate.

Maybe I should try participating in a full Fabcast in person sometimes. We'll see, haha - I have no idea if the Fabcasters would be open to that sort of thing.

For the full podcast, you can stream it or download a copy of it here:

An alternate link can also be found on McVie's blog here:

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