Jan 11, 2011

[Metro] FAQs About The January 21 / 24 Taxi Fare Increase (Updated)

On January 6, 2011, the LTFRB announced an increase in rates for taxis around the country. As is always the case whenever we go through one of these rate changes, Part of a view in Baguio City.Image via Wikipediathere's a bit of confusion as to how this is being implemented and the unwary commuter may fall prey to opportunistic taxi drivers off to make a quick buck.

So to help all of you geeky readers, I thought I'd put together a quick FAQ about the rate increase in terms of what you need to know. The LTFRB website in itself isn't very helpful so I've culled this list of answers together as based on LTFRB statements released to different newspapers.

When does the rate increase take effect?
January 21. Any new fare rate can only take place 15 days after it is announced to the public, which in our case was on January 6, 2011. A January 20 news report now indicates this has been moved further to Januay 24, 2011.

Which taxis are covered by the rate increase?
For now, the rate increase is applicable to taxi cabs all over the country except in Baguio City. It has been delayed there since the local taxi operators have filed a petition for a different rate increase.

How much is the rate increase?
The flag down rate will become P40 from P30. The rate for every additional 300 meters traveled beyond the first is P3.50 up from the old rate of P2.50.

What are the conditions for the rate increase?
A taxi cab can only charge for the new rates (1) starting January 21, (2) using a newly calibrated taxi meter and (3) that meter must be the type that can issue receipts. If any one of these conditions are not met, then the taxi driver will be guilty of overcharging. As of January 20, a new requirement has been introduced - an A4-sized sticker on the left windshield of the cab.

How will the LTFRB get all cabs re-calibrated in time for January 21?
This week the LTFRB announced that the implementation will be done in a staggered manner moving forward. Cabs with plates ending in 1 and 6 will be calibrated this month, 2 and 7 by February, 3 and 8 by March, 4 and 9 by April and 5 and 0 by May. After January 21, whowever already has the new calibrated meters may charge the new rate.

What is the penalty for overcharging?
A taxi cab driver charging the new rates without meeting the required conditions can be fined P3,000 per overcharging violation.

Where can I report overcharging violators?
You can reach the LTFRB at the following numbers:
Landlines: (02) 426-2515 and (02) 925-7191
Mobile: (0921) 448-7777

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