Dec 9, 2010

[Daily Geekery] December 9, 2010

Another day, a heck of a lot more geeky things to enjoy. There's just so much going on in the geeky world, whether your particular line of interest is related to tech, television or somethings else that starts with the letter T.

Okay, my shares don't all start with the letter T, but it made for an interesting opening line.


Harry Potter 7
I so agree with this, hehe.

Geekosystem: Nolan's Inception Map 
Geekosystem: Chris Nolan's map of Inception

Gizmodo: Comic Book Travel Posters 
Gizmodo: Justin Van Genderen's concept travel posters for comic book cities

The Killers - Boots

Oh the joys of retcons indeed.

And that's the Daily Geekery for today!
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