Dec 8, 2010

[Daily Geekery] December 8, 2010

Not much to share today - I'm kind of dealing with a fairly major career decision at work. The day job is getting just a whee bit heavier to deal with and the opportunity presented to me is both promising and challenging. I just know it's going to mean losing a fair amount of time and adding stress to my plate. But that's just how work goes, right?

More and more I'm using this opening portion for personal reflections on what is generally my "public" blog. I hope you geeks don't mind.

Now on with the show!

  • ‘Arroyo is untouchable - As much as I'm sure former president GMA is guilty of several crimes (as are almost all presidents of this country in recent history), the creation of the Truth Commission was a bit of a witch hunt that was poorly planned and lacked clear thinking. Now the Supreme Court has them on a technicality and people can't really complain about it - it's how the law works. That's how our rights are protected.
  • CNN: White House seeks Democrats' backing for tax deal - I find it beyond ironic that first the Republicans were able to win the elections on a platform about reducing spending and bringing the budget under control. And then their first hard stand is about the Bush-era tax cuts for everyone, regardless of income levels. So now the Democrats have to shop around for support in order to get at least some of the tax-cuts through.
  • io9: Judge Dredd script getting mixed early buzz? - A few months ago, a supposed draft script for the new Judge Dredd movie was leaked over the internet and fans were all over it. Until now, the discussions continue and there are a wide variety of opinions in terms of the new "Die Hard" approach to things that the story seems to imply. I haven't read it myself but given the comments, I'm a bit concerned. What about you?
  • Lifehacker: Google Launches the Chrome Web Store and Updates Chrome - The new Google Chrome OS was announced yesterday together with the launch of the Chrome Web Store for web apps. That that iTunes store! Now for a web app store that's free of any particular platform! Well, at least from a desktop perspective.
12.04.10 Scenes From The LGBT Pride March

And that's today's Daily Geekery. Catch you geeks tomorrow!
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