Dec 6, 2010

[Daily Geekery] December 6, 2010

A lot happens during the weekend - and a lot of this activity takes place offline. So I figure the Daily Geekery can limit itself to just run during week days, which means my Monday post will be a bit longer than usual. Then again, not as much fun stuff happens over the weekend since the writers are too busy experiencing the fun as opposed to writing about it. At least that's my speculation.

What do you think? Do you find the Daily Geekery an interesting addition to the Geeky Guide? Let us know in the comments!

Neil Cameron: LEGO Santa 
 Neil Cameron's LEGO Santa
Geekosystem: Minimalist Doctor Who 
 Geekosystem: Minimalist Doctor Who

Aquarium Phone Booth 
 Gizmodo: Aquarium Phone Booth

Geekosystem: Doctor Doom vs. Doctor Who 
 Geekosystem: Doctor Doom vs. Doctor Who

And that's your weekend edition of the Daily Geekery!
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