Dec 14, 2010

[Daily Geekery] December 14, 2010

Most of the local news about the final decision on the Visconde Massacre case came out while I was asleep, so I don't have any articles about that in today's geeky share list. That's the consequence of working in the Philippine call center scene - you miss all the local stuff but you end up being more updated about stuff that happens over in the US or something. Go figure.

Plus I'm not feeling well and I've resorted to watching the gay musical Fruit Fly to make me feel better...and I'm actually enjoying it. Whee!

Geekosystem: R2-D2 Headphones
Geekosystem: R2-D2 Headphones

8-Bit Angry Birds 
Geekosystem: 8-Bit Angry Birds

Graphjam: Pig Butchering Guide
Graphjam: Pig Butchering Guide

Teach Parents Tech

We Are the Hag

Okay, the last one was just totally campy. I wanted to share the strange joy that is this movie Fruit Fly.

And that's the Daily Geekery for today!
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