Sep 2, 2010

[Personal] Happy Wheelie Day!!!

Wheelie-Grimlock Greeting

My partner and I have been together for over 16 months now and what feels like more than a decade of shared geekery. It seems silly to celebrate monthsaries or anything of that nature at this point, but Wheelie Day has always a lot more than just marking the passage of time.

Wheelie Day commemorates the day we realized we really loved one another and despite how strange it seemed to feel that way, it was the truth. Since then, we've found that it's possible to love one another even more than how we felt in the beginning, which seems somehow contrary to how things go typically go in relationships, queer or otherwise.

Well, the pizza has just arrived and we're about to attack our ever favorite Dear Darla together with some Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta from Yellow Cab. It's the little things that help us reminder how much we love one another more and more with every passing day.

I love you Tobie Abad!

1 comment:

  1. And I love you, Rocky.
    More than ever. More than I ever thought possible.

    Here's to our lives always being this wonderfully geeky queer. Because for us, it makes total absolute sense.

    We deserve this.

    In the wise words of the antrophomorphic sage:

    "Wheeeeee!!!! Wheee wheeee wheeeeeeee!!!!!"