Aug 18, 2010

[Geeky Guide] Another Geeky Topic For Wednesdays

Hello Again Fellow Geeks!

It's been a while since I directly discussed the thinking behind this blog. So for those who are interested in this sort of thing, then continue reading! Otherwise, well, expect another review by tomorrow.

Previously, I had decided to better organize my entries into themes or topics for most days of the week. The only day that I don't have entries scheduled for posting remains to be Saturdays since even I need a day to rest, right?

At present, here's the current line-up:
  • Mondays - New Movies
  • Tuesdays - Books and Comic Books
  • Wednesdays - Computers and Technology
  • Thursdays - TV shows, theater plays and musicals
  • Fridays - Older movies
  • Sundays - Technicolor Musings and LGBT media reviews
The core posts during the week days haven't changed much, but I do have to admit that I've really gotten to enjoy writing my Technicolor Musings entries. It's nice to have more pink content on this blog and it's a great way to celebrate my open geeky gay life.

Ironically enough, I seem to have the most trouble when it comes to Wednesdays. Maybe it's because I seem to limit myself to computer game reviews. Perhaps it's because I like reading about technology more than I want to write about it. Or maybe it's because I can't help but feel that the so many other blogs are already talking about certain topics of interest and adding my blog would be just one more voice in the noise.

So after careful consideration, I've decided to expand my Wednesdays to include another technology other than the cyber world. As much as I want to do more technology blogging, I know that my "day" job is going to get in the way of the research time I'd like to put into each techie blog entry.

So starting next week, Wednesday is also a day to expect discussions and reviews about toys that interest me (and those that bother me something nasty). I'm not sure if I'll be able to start immediately next week, but I'll get started as soon as I can. Just giving myself more options for Wendnesdays. Besides, I can't just keep buying new PS3 games to give me something to blog about - it's getting a tad expensive, plus I need to actually finish all these games.

If you have other ideas or just comments about the blog in general, my contact details are on my profile page. Or of course you can just leave a comment on this post!

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