Apr 14, 2010

[Poll] Would You Read A Gay(er) Geeky Guide?

The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything is many things. It's a review blog for movies, books, TV shows and various establishments around the Metro Manila area and beyond. It's an opinion blog where I talk about current events, new items and the latest technological developments.

And here and there I have LGBT items about the latest news, advocacy items and other pink-themed topics. While I'm not at all ashamed about these entries, I am thinking about making the Geeky Guide itself focus more on reviews since that makes up more than 80% of my posts and perhaps spinning off an LGBT-focused blog as part of the "Geeky Guide" family.

So what do you think? Should I create separate Geeky Guide for my LGBT opinions, stories and other such articles? I'll retain LGBT movie and TV show reviews here for my Sunday posts but perhaps there's room for diversity beyond this. Leave your comments about this below or you can vote directly in the polling gadget I've added to the side-bar above my Twitter posts. Vote now!

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