Apr 7, 2010

[Personal] Max (1998-2010)

Max with Elliot (2006)

I just found out from my sister that one of our family dogs, Max, died this morning. Ultimately the cause of death was an infection coupled with the fact that he was a fairly old dog. Still, it hurts of course since he was a dearly loved dog and a pretty awesome golden retriever.

Normally I post computer or web-related stuff on Wednesdays, but then I heard about this and really couldn't write about anything else. So although you never got to play with this bundle of furry energy yourself (and that was certainly an experience), I hope you take some time to wish him well on his way to the doggie afterlife.

After all, even geeks have pets and we love them with the same ferocity that we love our fandoms.

Bye Max. We'll miss you.

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