Mar 3, 2010

[TV] The Virtual Revolution on the BBC

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Instead of a product review or a gadget discussion, this week's Wired Wednesday will actually talk about...a TV show. Yeah, I know, this sort of overlaps with my TV Thursdays, but then seriously, are you going to complain? At least this still fits the theme of the day and I'm kind of struggling to figure out something to write about while leaving me time to actually get some sleep before work later tonight.

Ah yes, the curse of the call center lifestyle.

The BBC has finally gotten around to releasing their really interesting 4-part documentary about the internet called The Virtual Revolution. The series doesn't just talk about the barebones history of the internet, but it takes a deeper look at its full impact on the human race as a whole, whether in terms of politics, youth culture, big business, freedom of expression and a whole lot more.

The documentary is hosted by Dr Aleks Krotoski, a broadcaster and journalist who has been studying and writing about the internet, technology and interactivity. She has a PhD in Social Psychology and thus she talks about the internet in such terms, charting the classical patterns of revolution and counterrevolution while also getting to get the opinions of many of the big names of the wired world ranging from Tim Berners-Lee who helped create the World Wide Web to Bill Gates, Steven Wozniak and other leaders of the tech industry.

All four parts have already aired so you should be able to get a copy by now. If you want to get more of taste of what this series is about, check out the introduction below:

The Virtual Revolution Intro (BBC)

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